Gruuviramps is an Estonian company building action sports parks. Our mission is to offer high-quality park solutions with a modern design and solutions, which are intended for use in the areas of skateboarding, BMX, stunt scooter, and roller skating. When designing parks, we consider it important that the integrated solutions are equally attractive for all action sports and levels, we pay great attention to safety, quality, and durability. Our team consists of experienced enthusiasts who thanks to their experience understand the functioning of the parks. Our goal is to provide the best experience for park users.We are engaged in the construction of large projects, i.e. skateparks, pumptracks and parkour parks with special solutions. The production and sale of attractions suitable for hobby activities for private clients is also a specialty of ours.




The Gruuviramps team always adhered to the agreed deadlines and their work quality is of a high level. They had a good understanding of the specifics of a concrete skatepark and were focused on achieving the best results. Definitely reliable people in the field who I’d dare to recommend!

Martin Mõttus / Nordecon AS

The time frames for the construction of the Tondiraba concrete skatepark (Tallinn, Estonia) were extremely tight, but in cooperation with Gruuviramps, the project was completed on time. It is a professional and experienced team that knows the construction specifics of skateparks well!

Raiki Reiljan / Tallinna Teede AS

With Gruuviramps, we built a concrete body of a special shape, the fountain at Viktori Square, Lõõtsa 1a, Tallinn. Doing the work was a good challenge. Despite several contingencies, we got an awesome result with good cooperation. The speed of assembling the final documentation could have been a little better. In conclusion, the communication and cooperation was very good. Until next time!

Jonatan Lige / Nordecon Betoon OÜ

Gruuviramps is carrying out a product development project (2022-2023), which is financed from EAS funds and is a part of the Union’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal of the project is to develop new products that will increase the company’s export potential. The eligible amount of the project is €239,418.