• Miniramp Spine is the ultimate outdoor mini ramp boasting a technical design and a sturdy frame.
  • With a width of 6m and a length of 16.025m, Miniramp Spine stands tall, with one side reaching 1.78m in height and the lower side measuring 1.185m. The height of the middle spine is 1m, adding to the excitement of your riding experience.
  • Crafted from moisture-resistant birch plywood and precisely cut using CNC technology, Miniramp Spine is engineered for long-lasting performance and durability.
  • Featuring a medium difficulty radius, this mini ramp is suitable for both beginners and advanced riders, providing a challenging yet rewarding experience for all.
  • The ramp is equipped with a ventilation system that passes through the structure, ensuring proper airflow and preserving the frame’s integrity for years to come.

Unleash your skills and elevate your riding with Miniramp Spine – the ultimate outdoor mini ramp designed for technical prowess and endless fun.