• Miniramp XS Wide is the ultimate outdoor mini ramp featuring a sleek and minimalist design with a sturdy frame.
  • Measuring 3.75 meters in width, 5.935 meters in length, and standing at 0.7 meters in height, Miniramp XS W offers a compact yet thrilling riding experience.
  • Crafted from moisture-resistant birch plywood and precisely cut with CNC technology, Miniramp XS W is engineered for long-lasting performance and durability.
  • With a medium difficulty radius, this mini ramp is designed to cater to both beginners and advanced riders, providing an exciting challenge for everyone.
  • Equipped with a ventilation system passing through the structure, Miniramp XS W ensures proper airflow, safeguarding the frame’s integrity for years of use.

Unleash your skills and elevate your riding with Miniramp XS W – the ultimate outdoor mini ramp tailored for minimalist style and boundless enjoyment.